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by Georgia Doherty August 22, 2021

Stress and anxiety have become common issues in our lockdown lives. Lockdown or restrictions has lead to a rise in stress-related health issues and negatively impacting both our mental and physical health. Stress and anxiety can be attributed to a lack of sleep, increasing lifestyle changes, work pressures and if you are working from home it is becoming more difficult to differentiate aspects of your life.

Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times to promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Inhaling and topically applying pure essential oils can help to alleviate stress, insomnia or depression. This natural solution works by stimulating areas of the brain that are responsible for our emotions. Combined with practicing mindfulness and self-care, essential oils can effectively help to release negative emotions, calm the mind and reduce stress.

Simple techniques to help lower your stress

Mindful Meditation

Meditation can be challenging for a lot of people, it usually can take up to 20minutes for your mind to stop inviting in mindless thoughts like if you washed your bowl up from breakfast or what time you started your meditation or what was that noise you think you heard outside. Try to simplify down your meditation practice and choose a time that fits into your daily routines. A great starting place is while you are brushing your teeth, sounds odd I know but if you truly think about it, what do you do while you brush your teeth? A lot of the time I would wander around, put something away, pick my husband's clothes off the floor and when I was suggested to use this time to stop and take a moment I was confused. Take a moment while brushing my teeth? Until I really tried to actually not move while brushing my teeth and use it as a still moment.


Breathing Exercises

Obviously, breathing is a necessity, an action which usually occurs without much thought. When you're anxious or stressed you tend to breath heavier, quicker and shorter breaths. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed try this simple breathing exercise.

1. Find a comfortable position, standing, sitting or laying.

2. Gently rest your eyes.

3. Inhale and exhale to begin.

4. On your next breath in, deeply inhale to a count of four.

5. Hold air in your lungs for a count of four.

6. Exhale for a count of four.

7. Hold your lungs empty for a count of four.

8. Repeat 5-10 times - however many you are comfortable with.


If you are struggling to find quiet time, use this as a nighttime ritual before you go to bed. It will help you both mentally and physically to relax. We have placed our favourite essential oils and blends below which can enhance these simple techniques.

lavender pure essential oil

1. Lavender Essential Oil

One of the most common essential oils for relaxation is Lavender. Lavender essential oil is a must have if you regularly experience stress and anxiety. It has been proven to restore the nervous system by lowering blood pressure and heart rate. It can help to calm the nerves, appease restlessness and improve sleep quality. Use a lavender rollerball to apply to your temples and wrists, or combine with a carrier for a relaxing massage oil.

2. Anxiety Essential Oil Blend

Combining Sweet Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense essential oils, ECO. Anxiety Blend has been developed to reduce nervous tension and relieve symptoms of mild anxiety. The sweet and soothing aroma will help calm your mind, relax your body and increase vitality.

anxiety essential oil blend
ylang ylang essential oil

3. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Extracted from the Indonesian Cananga tree, Ylang Ylang essential oil promotes feelings of comfort and joy. It simultaneously reduces heart rate, improves your mood and promotes relaxation. Inhaling Ylang Ylang can help release negative emotions, reducing stress and acting as a natural anxiety and depression remedy.

4. Sunshine State of Mind Trio

A selection of essential oil blends to bring light to your day. Create an inspiring, fresh and uplifting atmosphere in your home by diffusing one of these delicious smelling blends. Feel instantly refreshed and energised.


Australian Shores Blend: Be inspired by this gorgeous blend of Lemon, Eucalyptus, Vanilla and Tea Tree to find your own tranquillity. Inspired by natural Australian botanicals and native plants, this subtle scent will transform your home or office into a relaxing inner sanctum.


Sun-kissed Blend: Sunshine in a bottle. This citrus inspired blend is reminiscent of long summer days, freedom at heart and happiness on your mind. Combining Grapefruit, Bergamot & Lime, this blend brings freshness, light and joy in your home


Free Spirit Blend: Embrace your inner spirit with this beautiful and exotic blend of Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli & Lime. Inspiring individuality, confidence and freedom of mind to let your soul run free.

sunshine state of mind trio
immune booster rollerball for kids

5. Protect & Calm Rollerball Trio

A selection of essential oil rollerballs formulated help support immunity, clear congestion and destress. Great for use when feeling anxious, rundown or congested. Roll on your wrists, chest, temples or soles of the feet to help prevent the spread of germs, clear congestion or soothe an agitated mind.


Includes: Sinus Clear Rollerball, ECO. Little Immune Booster Rollerball, Calm & Destress rollerball

6. Rest & Glow Trio

Three pure essential oil blends to look after yourself naturally. Take time to unwind and prioritise self-care at your most vulnerable times whether this be during hormonal stages, exhaustion or a heavy mind.


Women's Blend: ECO. heard the everyday stresses and concerns of the women around them and decided to take action with a beautiful blend of Cedarwood, Lavender, Geranium & Ylang Ylang, created with women in mind to help calm, balance and harmonise.


Calm & Destress Blend: Our Calm & Destress Blend has been specially formulated with Orange, Patchouli & Sandalwood essential oils to help ease the stresses of daily life, and bring calm to the mind and body. Sit back, relax and unwind.


Happy Head Blend: Uplifting & soothing, this analgesic blend has been developed to help relieve headaches, soothe neck tension and improve mental clarity. Diffuse to help alleviate headaches or mix with a carrier oil and apply to the back to the neck to reduce tension.

rest and glow trio

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Author: Georgia Doherty
Marketing Assistant

Georgia is the Marketing Assistant at ECO. Modern Essentials. Georgia oversees the company's social media platforms, helps coordinate brand collaborations, is a leader for ECO.'s content creation + DIY recipes and manages ECO.'s affiliate program. She is a qualified Beauty Therapist with extensive Dermal Therapy qualifications, a Diploma in Training Design & Development with a Aromatherapy Practitioner Certificate. Georgia is passionate about leading a happy & healthy life and helping educate those around her.


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