What is acne?

Acne and the different severities of acne has generally affected all of us in one way or another. From blackheads to pustules, pimples, inflammation, nodules, cysts, papules, white heads and then to what is actually causing your acne - the possibilities are variable to each individual.


Acne is a combination of inflammation with the infection of a pore. Within the pore you tend to see a build up of dead skin cells which have failed to complete the natural skin cell turnover. Each pore is connected to a sebaceous gland, which produces an oily substance called sebum. Extra sebum can plug pores, causing the growth of a bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes, or P. acnes. Your white blood cells attack P. acnes, leading to skin inflammation and acne.

Acne Treatment Products

There are many common acne skin products or ingredients that may be familiar to you if you are experiencing this with your skin. The most well-known ingredients usually start with AHA's & BHA's such as salicylic acid, lactic acid, pyruvic acid or less favourable due to it's irritability is glycolic acid. You also have retinol which is a form of Vitamin A that helps normalise the skin cell turnover and balance the sebum on the skin - it's also great to help minimise scarring and ageing concerns such as fine lines. All of these ingredients can come at a cost and can be found in serums or moisturisers which contain alot of other ingredients in which most the time you can't pronounce. So let's take a look at some natural acne skin care.

Natural Products for Acne

Pre-Cleanse Oil

Pre-Cleanse Oil is a great natural oil for acne sufferers. While putting more oil on the skin might seem odd because of the excess of sebum already on the skin, we don't want to over strip the skin of its natural, healthy lipids.


Pre-Cleanse Oil helps to emulsify the excess sebum and impurities while hydrating the skin. This will also assist with the inflammation as there are no harsh abrasives within the cleanser and keep the skin clean.

Pimple Clear

Our Pimple Clear blend has been designed to help treat acne, naturally. Containing Tea Tree and Lavender essential oil, this blend is perfect for those looking for a natural, chemical-free solution to incorporate in their skincare routine.


Tea Tree is well-known for its ability to fight bacteria and Lavender is prized for its inflammation action on the skin. We've paired them together and made spot treating easy! Add 1 drop to area of concern and let Pimple Clear do the hard work for you.

Essential Oils for Acne

Essential oils are a great natural acne treatment. They can be added into your existing skincare products are a bland, water-based cream or gel such as aloe vera.


Essential oils for blackheads: Cypress & Rosemary.


Essential oils for redness, inflammation or irritation: Chamomile, Frankincense, Geranium, Sandalwood & Lavender.


Essential oils for oil skin: Bergamot, Cedarwood, Geranium, Juniper, Rosemary, Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang.

There can be many contributors that can influence your skin. While acne is visible externally, it usually comes down to a reflection of something happening internally. This could be a number of reasons including but not limited to hormones, diet and lifestyle. It's important to gain a better understanding of why this is happening to your skin and seek specialist advice if you are experiencing extreme cases of acne such as large nodules or cysts.

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