It's time to get creative.

If you enjoy blending your own oils, you'll need something to make them in. Our essential oil bottles, spray bottles and rollerballs are the perfect solution for blending oils, creating your own cleaning products, perfumes and so much more.

There is a range of recipes you can make with essential oils including beauty products, essential oil rollerballs, natural perfume and cleaning products. You can find ideas and recipes in our ECO. Book.

Empty essential oil bottles are great to keep on hand to create your very own master blend or to pop a rollerball top on and reuse for topical application. Another great trick is filling an empty essential oil bottle with salt, this will help absorb the leftover essential oil and you can use this for salt inhalation. You can also return them to us and we can recycle them properly for you!

While we prefer to offer glass bottles, you can definitely use a plastic bottle if it is something you have on hand. Glass bottles allow for safe storage, avoids the issue of plastic breaking down over time and is recyclable.

Having amber coloured bottles help to eliminate oxidation by light or heat. If you wish to use clear glass like our Luxe Rollerballs, we advise to store them away from direct sunlight to uphold the integrity of your added essential oils.