Georgia Doherty

Campaign Coordinator

Georgia is the Campaign Coordinator at ECO. Modern Essentials. Georgia oversees the company's marketing campaigns and ensures they are executed synergistically across all platforms. Georgia helps coordinate brand collaborations, creates content, manages ECO.'s affiliate program and is a contributing author for The ECO. Book and The ECO. Book 2nd Edition.

Georgia studied a diploma in Beauty Therapy in 2012 and continued on this path to gain over 8 years experience in both the Spa and Clinic industry. Among her Beauty Therapy practices she extended her studies into Dermal Therapy qualifications to expand her knowledge deeper into the skin. With a passion to help educate those around her, Georgia studied a Diploma in Training Design & Development giving her the tools & education to help support those around her.

With a change in career on the horizon, Georgia dabbled in the world of ECO. Modern Essentials and was introduced to the warehouse to gain a better understanding of the operations. Consistently wanting to learn more about ECO. she stepped into the Marketing Team to expand her knowledge into a whole new world away from Beauty Therapy.

Georgia Doherty

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