If you prefer to wear your essential oils, our carrier oils are for you.


Hydrating and nourishing, these beautiful oils are perfect to use for all of your DIY needs. Carrier oils can be used for massage mediums, skincare, perfume rollerballs, targeted treatment blends and so much more. Choose your favourite carrier oil and get creative!

Carrier oils are vegetable oils derived from kernels, seeds and the nut of plants with little to no smell. Carrier Oils do not evaporate and help to dilute essential oils for safe application to the skin.

If you are wanting to apply your essential oils topically then we recommend always diluting into a carrier oil for application. This will vary depending on how much carrier oil you are using. See our dilution chart for an easy guide.

You can add your essential oils directly to your chosen carrier oil and shake well. You can allow to sit for a few hours or overnight and apply where needed. Depending on your amount of carrier oil will depend on how many drops you add of essential oil. See our dilution chart for an easy guide.