We are committed to making a difference in the world by continually improving and adapting our practices in everything we do. Our ingredients are harvested from ethical sources, ensuring social and environmental integrity. We aim to simplify and minimise our packaging using recycled materials and soy based inks. We strive to work with local suppliers and partners to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy. We hope that by inspiring more individuals to appreciate our natural resources, practicing self-care and taking steps to reduce their ecological footprint on this earth, it will help drive change in the world.

Our commitment to the environment

ECO. Modern Essentials is committed to not only enhancing the health and well-being of its community, but also to ensure the preservation of the environment across its entire supply chain and operations. We are continually striving to improve what we do in all aspects of the business. We are proud of how far we have come and of the many initiatives we have developed and established to better our world. We are not perfect but we strive to be better. Below is a summary of our impact until the end of financial year 2021/22.

We have saved over 140,424 sheets of paper from being printed

We reduced the number of cardboard boxes used to ship products by 172,295 by releasing products unboxed

We reduced the number of postcards printed by 120,00 by choosing alternative communication pathways

We saved over 17,851 plastic inserts from ending up in landfill by removing all plastic inserts from our product packaging

We donated $17,446 to partner charity organisations through our give back program

We saved countless soft plastic wrappings from ending up in landfill by removing all unnecessary packaging from shipments

We saved over 5,075 plastic bottles by transitioning to glass bottles for all DIY accessories

We are avoiding unnecessary carbon emissions from being released by switching the manufacturing of our shipment boxes from China to Australia

Since 2019, we recycled over 282kg of products through our Recycling Program with Terracycle

Plant A Tree Program

To measure and offset our carbon footprint from shipping and deliveries, we have partnered with Carbon Neutral, an Australian organisation that carries out large-scale revegetation based on biodiversity and carbon capture. 

In the last year, we achieved a 502 tonnes offset for full carbon neutrality by investing in Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets and Usak Wind Power.

Source to Bottle Initiative

We source our raw material based on delivering the highest possible quality into each and every product. This includes sourcing our essential oils and carrier oils from countries where the plant material grows best both climatically and seasonally, as well as choosing those that contain the best active constituents to perform accordingly to the high standards we set. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure transparency and share with our community our source locations, distillation process and environmental impact.

Recycling Program

We are recycling our products with TerraCycle@via their Zero Waste Box™ solution for all ECO. products ensuring none of them end up in landfill. This applies to our entire product range including essential oils glass bottles, plastic pumps and caps as well as PET skincare containers. The plastics are sorted into various types of plastics then melted to be moulded into new recycled plastic products. All you need to do is return your empties to us and get $15 off your next order.


We believe well-being starts with the health and happiness of our team. We support our staff in both their professional and personal endeavours by providing a collaborative and flexible work environment. We provide regular support to a range of local not-for-profit organisations such as Baby Give Back and RizeUp Australia through product and charitable donations. Our proudest ongoing collaboration is with Beyond Blue whereby $1 is donated for every ECO. Anxiety Blend sold and our ongoing collaboration with six Australian charities donating $1 from every Mindset Collection sold.

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