We are recycling our products with TerraCycle®via their Zero Waste Box™ solution for all ECO. products ensuring none of them end up in landfill. This applies to all ECO. products including essential oil and DIY glass bottles, plastic pumps, dripper inserts and black plastic caps. Help us take care of our beautiful planet by returning your empty products to us and we will give you $15 off your next order.

About TerraCycle

TerraCycle is Eliminating the Idea of Waste® by recycling the "non-recyclable." They have helped divert millions of pounds of waste from landfills and incinerators in over 2 countries. All ECO. products will be collected and returned to TerraCycle to be given a second life.

Step One

In your original ECO. order box or another of choice, fill with all your empty ECO. products: essential oil bottles and caps, rollerballs, skincare containers and pumps. Make sure all containers are empty and free of any residual product, this means no half full products, this ensures the containers can be recycled properly without issue.

Please accumulate 3 or more empty products to be eligible for your gift card. This is also to ensure energy & freight efficiency for shipment. Please note, limit of 1 return per customer per month.

Step Two

Pack up your empty items to be recycled as safely as possible in the box and return it to:

ECO. Modern Essentials

39 Alex Fisher Drive, Burleigh Heads, QLD, 4220

Ensure you include a note with your name and email address so we know who it's from!

Step Three

Once we receive the items back and process the return, you will receive a $15 gift voucher via email to use in your next order!

We will ensure your products are recycled correctly using Terracycle's Partner Program.


Do I need to pay for shipping?

Yes you will need to pay for shipping and we will allocate a $15 gift card once the recycling return has been processed.

How many times can I recycle with you?

We have a limited of 1 return per customer per month. Save your empties for best energy and freight efficieny.

I don’t have any ECO. boxes, can I still send you recycling?

Yes definitely. You can return your ECO. empties in any packaging available and suitable for you.

Can I recycle other brand’s bottles?

Yes we would be happy to recycle your bottles properly, please ensure you also have ECO. products included in your recycling return.

Where can I find my gift card/store credit?

Your gift card/store credit will be sent via email and if you have your mobile number attached to your account you will also receive an sms.

Do I need to wash and pull apart the empty bottles?

Please make sure all containers and/or bottles are empty and free of any residual product this ensures products will be recycled properly without issue.

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