If you're looking for new ways to introduce essential oils into your life, give DIY a go.

A well-equipped toolbox is essential for completing jobs around the home - we like to think of our aromatherapy in the same way! Our accessory kits and DIY supplies provide everything you need to create your own natural products from perfumes, room sprays, cosmetics and household cleaners.

What can you make with essential oils?
There are so many products you can make using essential oils. Whether you are on the journey to a low-toxic lifestyle or like to make your own personalised perfume, the opportunities are endless. Head over to our DIY blog section to find some great recipes to get you started! You can also find a range of recipes in our ECO. Guide to Aromatherapy E-Book.


How to make DIY perfume with essential oils:
If you would like to eliminate artificial fragrances from your daily routines, a great place to start is with making your own perfume. You can be creative, choose your favourite essential oils and change it as often as you like! Learn more on our How to Make Your Own Natural Perfume blog.