Where Aromatherapy meets Astrology. 

A range of unique pure essential oil blends developed to enhance the nature of your zodiac sign. Connect with yourself, nature and the universe. Try individual blends or connect with your element with a Water, Fire, Earth or Air trio. 

These Zodiac essential oil blends were mindfully curated to enhance, support and shine light on the nature of each Zodiac sign. Each sign of the Zodiac has its own energetics and qualities and each Zodiac sign essential oil blend resonates and connects with these. If you are feeling creative and would like to create your own Zodiac essential oil blend, head over to our DIY blog index and find your Zodiac DIY blend.

We had the pleasure of working with Amy McDermott, Sisters Village to create an Astrology Guide. This guide is where Astrology meets Aromatherapy and goes into detail about the qualities of each Zodiac sign. It will also teach you how to use your Zodiac sign essential oil blend as well as creating a full moon ritual.