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August 22, 2018

One of the things we love the most about essential oils at ECO. is how versatile they are; Lavender alone can be used for relaxation, to tone and revitalise the skin, for muscular aches and pains, for headaches and insomnia and can even help the digestive system with nausea and vomiting. The options are endless, so we wanted to give you a little look into how we use essential oils in our day to day routine..

6:30am: One of the first things we do when we wake up is pop a few drops of our Energy Blend into our diffuser. We leave this burning while we get ready for the day, the beautiful aromas of lavender, rosemary, juniper and black pepper help to promote an energy boost and uplift your mood, almost as much as your morning coffee will! 

8:00am: Before walking out the door we love to apply the Women's Blend Rollerball to our wrists and neck as a natural perfume. This blend not only smells beautiful but will help to calm, balance and harmonise mind and body, a lovely ritual to start the day.

8:30am: As soon as we are at our desk we get our Calm & Destress Blend burning in our diffuser, to help keep a clear, calm mind when deadlines are tight and we know the day will be a little more busy or stressful.

10:30am: We often have our team meetings in the morning, there's always a lot of information to present and take in also so we all like to make sure we're on our A game. Before going into a meeting we like to use our Clarity & Focus Rollerball, this refreshing blend of orange, lavender & ylang ylang is ideal for whenever you need a little help with concentration and clarity.

3:00pm: Like it does for so many people, that afternoon slump tends to hit around 3pm. Instead of reaching for a sweet treat to fill that craving, we love to burn our Sinus Clear Blend. Combining lemongrass, lime, grapefruit and peppermint, this blend beautifully combines sweet and citrus scents and we find it really refreshing and energising - enough to power on through the last hours of the working day!

6:30pm: After a big day, we love to treat ourselves to a little relaxation ritual post-shower. We add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to our Sweet Almond Carrier Oil and massage the oil into our legs, arms and décolletage. With the beautiful aroma, healing benefits of lavender and hydration hit from the carrier oil this little ritual really does feel quite luxurious!

9:00pm: As we wind down for bed, we pop a few drops of our Sleep Blend into our bedside diffuser. The Sleep Rollerballis also great if you're travelling and don't have a diffuser handy. This soothing blend of mandarin, lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang and chamomile has been formulated to help you relax and unwind so you can be gently and softly soothed to sleep.

And that's it for our daily rituals! 

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