Thyme essential oil has a rich history, before battle, the ancient Greeks burnt & bathed in water strewed with Thyme to inspire courage. The ancient Egyptians used Thyme in their embalming rituals and the Romans used Thyme to purify their rooms and placed a sprig of the herb under their pillows to ward off nightmares and aid sleep.


The slightly sweet aromatic herb is perched across more then 800 hectares of plantation. Thyme is harvested between June and July in the early mornings to avoid high temperatures. Local farmers delicately collect the Thyme using their hands and sickles if required.


Thyme essential oil is extracted by steam distillation. The steam used is always less than 0.5 bar, ensuring a high quality of essential oils since they are extracted at a low temperature.

Community & Environment

The harvesting & distillation of essential oils in the region is incredibly important as it represents 80% of the production of essential oils in Spain. The entire rural part of the Spanish northwest gains employment from the farming of essential oils.


The aromatic herb plantations avoid erosion and improve the quality of the environment air, contributing to the elimination of CO2. They also help the sustainability of some populations such as bees, and the production of a high-quality honey.

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A spiritually protective oil, Thyme helps us fortify healthy boundaries and draws up the deep reserve of courage that lies inside us all. A remedy for mental fatigue, depressed spirits and helps the worker or student remain focused and motivated.

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