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by Georgia Doherty March 25, 2021


Peppermint is documented as far back as 1000BC with remnants of Peppermint found in Egyptian pyramids. Through time, Peppermint has been mentioned in Greek & Roman origins, with its first cultivation in England in the late seventeenth century.


Peppermint essential oil continues to be prized for its analgesic properties and beneficial nature for muscle & joint pain relief, headaches and respiratory complaints.


The aromatic leaves of a Peppermint farm can vary from a few square metres to a few acres. Traditionally, the farming is done on family lands in India, which are usually very small to medium farms. The roots are planted in mid-February to mid-March and the harvest period is between May and April. Peppermint plants can grow up to 80cm tall and depending on their growth the local farmers use traditional tools like a sickle, spade or shovel to harvest the plant.


After harvesting, the Peppermint leaves are steam Distilled for the extraction of the oil from the leaves.Steam distillation separates and purifies the natural aromatic compounds.

Community & Environment

Peppermint farming stimulates the economy all over the plantation region and it is a big part of the agricultural production. It is usually grown similarly to other herbaceous oils, such as Basil and is grown as an alternative to other food crops as the oil is not perishable.

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The beautiful, fresh and invigorating aroma of Peppermint essential oil is uplifting and therapeutic for the mind and body. Peppermint is both cooling and heating which makes for a wonderful analgesic remedy for tired and aching muscles. Helpful for headaches, a lymphatic stimulant and can assist in sinus relief.

Peppermint blends well with

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Author: Georgia Doherty
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Georgia is the Marketing Assistant at ECO. Modern Essentials. Georgia oversees the company's social media platforms, helps coordinate brand collaborations, creates content + DIY recipes and manages ECO.'s affiliate program. She is a qualified Beauty Therapist with extensive Dermal Therapy qualifications and a Diploma in Training Design & Development. Georgia is passionate about leading a happy & healthy life and helping educate those around her.


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