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by Georgia Doherty May 19, 2021

Muscle recovery & repair is incredibly important to continue with day to day life at your highest capacity. There are lots of way you can support your muscles post-workout from protein powders, nutrition, massage, magnesium baths or sprays. The list is endless whether it be internally or externally!


We enjoy using a muscle balm and have a simple recipe in which you can follow to enjoy the benefits!

DIY Muscle Balm Recipe


• 90g Organic Balm Base

• 20 drops Muscle Soothe essential oil blend


Note: This recipe uses a 1% dilution, if you would prefer a stronger muscle balm, you can use a 2.5% dilution; 5 drops per 10g of Organic Balm Base. Maximum 45 drops to 90g.


1. Let the balm base warm up at room temperature. If living in a cold climate, place the jar in boiling water for a few minutes to allow to melt.

2. Add 20 drops of Muscle Soothe blend.

How to use

Apply to aching or tired muscles up to 3 times daily. Massage in a circulation motion and allow the balm to penetrate into the skin.

Everything you need

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