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by Georgia Doherty May 12, 2021

If you love making your own products, you are going to love our DIY Range! These ingredients will take your DIY recipes to the next level. All of the packaging is also completely reusable & recyclable. At the end of life, you can place these ones into your recycling bin

1. Castile Soap

Castile Soap is prized for its versatility in DIY recipes. From body washes to cleaning your benches, Castile Soap can be added to your DIY recipes. It is a natural vegetable-based & biodegradable soap.

2. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is great to use in your skin DIY recipes or as an essential oil carrier in water-based recipes to help combine fluently. Witch Hazel is an astringent and has anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for skin toners to help minimise pores and alleviate skin irritations.

3. Certified Organic Babassu Butter

Organic Babassu Butter is cold-pressed from sustainable kernels of Amazon native Babassu Palm. The nutrient-filled butter melts onto the skin from the natural warmth of the body leaving it filled with moisture. It can be used on its own, you can add essential oils for desired effect or add to DIY recipes for further nourishment.

4. Organic Balm Base

A nourishing base for your DIY self-care recipes. Use this for creating body, hand, feet & lip balms! Add your essential oils to this hydrating base and enjoy the beautiful benefits!

5. Candelilla Wax

A vegan, plant based alternative to Beeswax pellets. It is recommended to use half the amount of Candelilla Wax in comparison to Beeswax pellets as it is incredible at solidifying. Candelilla Wax is great to use in salves, body sticks, moisturising bars and so much more!

Author: Georgia Doherty
Marketing Assistant

Georgia is the Marketing Assistant at ECO. Modern Essentials. Georgia oversees the company's social media platforms, helps coordinate brand collaborations, creates content + DIY recipes and manages ECO.'s affiliate program. She is a qualified Beauty Therapist with extensive Dermal Therapy qualifications and a Diploma in Training Design & Development. Georgia is passionate about leading a happy & healthy life and helping educate those around her.


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