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August 01, 2018 2

We get it, essential oils can be overwhelming! There's pure essential oils, blends, rollerballs and kits, there's floral, woody, herbal, citrus, you can use them in your diffuser, bath, massage.. where do you start!? At ECO. we believe in modernising and simplifying aromatherapy so that we can all enjoy the amazing wellbeing benefits, easily.

Firstly, what are you looking for in an essential oil? The benefits of essential oils are extensive, but some of the most popular healing benefits include energy, sleep, calming, stress relief and flu. 

You will also need to consider how you plan to use the oil. If you are simply looking for a pleasant scent to use in a diffuser to create a lovely atmosphere, you may wish to shop by the scent family, based on your scent preferences. You can shop by floral, herbal, woody, citrus and fruit scents here. If you would like to apply the oil topically, you will need to mix a few drops with one of our carrier oils. If you're after convenience and want to use your oils on the go, our Rollerballs are perfect for you. If you're new to oils and not sure where to start, our kits are a great way to introduce you to aromatherapy and get you playing around to see whether you prefer pure oils, blends or rollerballs. Our 6 pack Wellbeing Collection and 6 pack Bestselling Blends Collection are a great place to start.

To make it really simple for you, we have categorised our oils into their purpose and we have released a pure essential oil, essential oil blend, rollerball and kit for each purpose - so all you have to do is choose what works best for you!

Pure essential oil: Peppermint essential oil
Essential oil blend: Energy Blend
Essential oil rollerball: Energy Rollerball
Kit: Scents of Summer Aroma Trio

Pure essential oil: Lavender essential oil
Essential oil blend: Sleep Blend
Essential oil rollerball: Sleep Rollerball
Kit: Deep Sleep Aroma Trio

Calming/Stress Relief
Pure essential oil: Lavender essential oil
Essential oil blend: Calm & Destress Blend
Essential oil rollerball: Lavender Rollerball
Kit: Calm & Destress Aroma Trio

Pure essential oil: Tea Tree essential oil
Essential oil blend: Sinus Clear Blend
Essential oil rollerball: Sinus Clear Rollerball
Kit: Fight the Flu Aroma Trio

Pure essential oil: Lemon essential oil
Essential oil blend: Clarity & Focus Blend
Essential oil rollerball: Clarity & Focus Rollerball
Kit: Clarity & Focus Aroma Trio


One of the main things to remember with aromatherapy is to have fun! Essential oils are incredibly powerful for our wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally so the sooner you incorporate them into your daily routine the sooner you can be feeling your best!

Next time you're having friends around try diffusing an aromatic oil to create a lovely atmosphere, pop a few drops of a relaxing oil into your bath and treat yourself to some down time or experiment with blending your own oils - the options are endless! You can kickstart your aromatherapy collection here.

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