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by Georgia Doherty April 22, 2021

Look no further for your green thumb friend or zero waste beginners as we have everything you need. Our range has been mindfully created to be recyclable, compostable or reusable. From our DIY range to eco-friendly reusable accessories, you will have ease in finding an eco-friendly present.

What are ethical gifts?

Ethical gifts are for the conscious minded receiver. We are starting to realise gifts can be filled with a lot of plastic and general waste. Eco-friendly gift bundles are a great place to start or if you are looking for a simple but thoughtful gift, our eco-friendly accessories are a great gift.

Eco-friendly & Ethical Gift Ideas

Clean Home Gift Bundle

For an easy transition to cleaner cleaning or for the conscious cleaner. This gift bundle includes our favourite cleaning essentials perfect for making your own cleaning products.

ECO. Kitchen Gift Bundle

Endless possibilities to enhance cleaning rituals to toxic-free alternatives with this gift bundle. With essential oils with antibacterial & antimicrobial properties, it gives you room to have fun and create your own cleaning sprays.

Home Essentials Gift Bundle

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Eliminate the unnecessary single-use plastic wrap and the ugly scourer pad from yours or your loved ones kitchen and replace them with our beautiful eco-friendly accessories. Diffuser your favourite essential oil blend and enjoy!

Zero Waste Gift Bundle

A gift bundle with 100% peace of mind and zero waste. Three usable and fully recycle accessories paired with one of our favourite relaxing essential oil trios.

Kind Collection Gift Bundle

A kind gift to both your loved one & the environment. This collection has 3 of our key reusable accessories to eliminate single use disposables as well as our best-selling pure essential oil blends.

Ultimate Sustainability Gift Bundle

Gifting has never felt so good with this Ultimate Sustainability gift bundle. The environment will thank you along with the loved one you are gifting to for making a conscious gifting choice.

ECO. Home Gift Bundle

Enhance your home, travel sustainably & sleep well. Rest easy knowing you've made a eco-friendly gifting choice that is better for our environment!

Everyday Essentials Gift Bundle

A sunny state of mind is what you'll ave when you gift this collection to your loved one. Encourage the accessories to be kept in their car for on-the-go so they can say no to single-use accessories!

DIY Gifting Ideas

DIY Bath Salts

DIY Natural Body Scrub

DIY Natural Face Moisturiser

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