Did you know many researchers have found that being in love gives you the same feeling as being on drugs? Ever wondered why you suddenly do things that you never thought you would do or feel irrational while you are having butterflies in your stomach? Well, LOVE is the answer! Isn’t it one of the sweetest feelings, empowering and grounding at the same time? Making you reach for the sky but also not wanting to leave bed on a cosy Sunday morning. Sure, there are not only different ways and seasons of love, but also a huge variety of ways how to express your love and devotion.

For decades, one thing I can tell you I have deep love for (and will let everyone around me know in an annoying way) is Valentine’s Day itself. It might sound cheesy and cliché but for me, the fact of the whole world celebrating nothing but LOVE together on this particular day raises the vibration around me noticeably. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an excuse to miss out on any anniversary, but more an excuse to opt in for an additional day of wearing something pink, celebrating love, giving gifts and words of affirmation, and spoiling someone special – all while you see everyone around you doing it the same way on February 14th.

While in some cultures you say the actual words “I love you” frequently and with ease, in other cultures this is rare. But we all have one language in common which everybody understands: the gift of giving someone attention.

Today we want to share different ways to say “I love you” with small, affordable gestures.

Be intentional! Sharing your love doesn’t have to be long planned or rocket science. True romance happens in the little things like writing a short love note onto the steamed mirror, in the sand or on a post it which you place in the fridge to be discovered the next morning. It can be as easy as a little heart drawing, an inside joke you like to tell each other or a reminder about a special date you like to recall. It can even be a cute emoji-text-message every now and then throughout the day, because why not?

Tired of the saying “The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach”? So are we! Sure, (almost) no one wouldn’t fall in love over a great pizza or portion of pasta, but as scientists believe, smell and memory are closely linked because the anatomy of the brain allows olfactory signals to get to the limbic system very quickly.

We know love also “goes through” your sense of smell - don’t believe us? Try gifting our Romance Blend, combining Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Peru Balsam Oil and Lime Oil as a special little something. This blend is a great base for creating small rituals around it at bedtime or for those cosy Sunday mornings, where perhaps in the beginning of the relationship you wouldn’t want to get out of bed whereas a few years in you may be confronted with your to do list instead. Add 6-8 drops to your diffuser while you decide to take it easy and enjoy the first coffee in bed (another way to say “I love you”, bring your loved one a mug!).

All these sentences for a long love letter don’t come easy right? And you wouldn’t know how to express your feelings anyway? Here is the trick: just express short statements to say thank you or what you appreciate about your partner. But first, lets start with the fun part: grab a lipstick out and have fun colouring your lips in all the different shades of red, pink, peachy and so on. Place heaps of kissing mouths on a blank piece of paper and subsequently cut out these kisses. Now, you can write a short note onto each kiss and place it in an empty glass jar as a “love notes for on the go” gift.

Here are some ideas to write down:

  • Thank your partner for the last time he / she made you laugh out loud.
  • Say thank you for the meals you share together.
  • Tell your partner things you’re excited about (vacation together, a plan for the future, etc)
  • Write down memories of when you first met, what you first noticed about your partner, the day you fell in love, etc.

An easy way to express your love is by supporting your partners needs and for many of us this can be as simple as quality time. The With Love Essential Oil Trio is the perfect match when it comes to a small gift chosen with mindful intentions. It combines three of our most loved oils: Lavender, Peppermint and Women’s Blend. There are tons of different ways to use these oils when you have a minute to yourselves or want to create a small me-time ritual to feel grounded and reconnected with your partner. These three musketeers can also be used for bathroom DIYs and personal care, so a thoughtful gift in many regards.  

Top Tip: Add a special touch with a hand-written, personalised note to your loved one in their shipment. All you need to do is add your note, add the card to your cart, finalise your order and our team will do the rest!

Another affordable and easy way (and one of my favourites!) is to gift each other a massage. How often do we promise ourselves to go and book in a massage every month or quarter and actually end up not doing it? The good thing is you can do it easily at home and at the same time give full attention, plus the love language of physical touch, to your partner.

Let your partner choose which essential oil they would like to experience with the massage, light a toxic free candle, turn on a relaxing playlist, dim the lights and dive into some wholesome quality time. For the perfect Valentine’s Massage Oil, we recommend mixing: 3 drops of Rose 3%, 6 drops of Jasmine 3% and 6 drops of your chosen favourite essential oil (if you can’t decide, some great options are Clove, Peppermint or Lavender) in a 30ml dropper bottle and fill with carrier oil of your choice. Don’t forget to swap at the end and claim your free massage too.

Now we’d love to hear your thoughts about the best affordable Valentine’s Day gifts! What will you be giving this year? And just remember: always gift yourself too!

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Author: Mimi Mc Gahey
Social Media Coordinator & Content Creator

Mimi is the Social Media Coordinator & Content Creator at ECO. Modern Essentials. Mimi oversees the company's social media platforms, helps coordinate brand collaborations and is a leader for ECO.'s content creation.

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