Can essential oils be used as perfume?

Perfume is often the finishing touch to your beauty routine. Not only does it make you smell good, but it can make you feel good too! Unfortunately, many store bought varieties contain nasty chemicals and toxins which can be harmful to your health. Luckily, there is a natural DIY solution available so you don't have to sacrifice your love of beautiful scents. Essential oils can be used to replace artificial fragrances with a natural alternative. We've created a beautiful recipe for an all-natural perfume you can make at home! If you're familiar with essential oils and creating your own blends, you can also try creating your own blend of perfume.


Our DIY Natural Perfume is great because:

It is toxic free and all natural

Allows you to experience the health & therapeutic benefits of essential oils

Not costly

You can choose different essential oils for specific purposes

Natural Perfume Recipe


1. Add the following essential oils to 10ml rollerball bottle:

10 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

8 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

10 drops Geranium Essential Oil

8 drops Lime Essential Oil


2. Fill the the rollerball bottle with the carrier oil. Be sure to not fill right to the top to allow room to mix.


3. Screw on rollerball lid and seal the rollerball.


4. Shake thoroughly.

How to use

Apply to wrists, neck, behind ears, middle of forearm, back of knees and décolletage.


If you want to save this beautiful DIY for another time, we've included the recipe card below, simply screenshot and save to your phone and enjoy whenever you have time!

Can you wear essential oils as perfume?

This commonly asked questions has now been answered for you! You absolutely can wear essential oils as perfume and be creative with it. Once you find your favourite essential oils, you can personalise your perfume to your liking or mood. It is a great and easy way to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine, especially if you're on the go!

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