What is Aromatherapy and what are essential oils?

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plants in the form of essential oils to help support and enhance health both physically and emotionally. Essential oils are a concentrated form of the healing compounds found in plants or produced during the extraction process.

Top Five Ways Essential Oils Can Support Your Health

1. Sleep is considered to be one of the pillars of health.

Along with a nutritious diet and daily physical exercise, sleep is essential oil maintaining optimal health. How can Aroamtherapy help with sleep? Essential oils contain properties that can help ease us into a restful sleep and alleviate the physical symptoms that make it difficult to rest.

2. Feelings caused by stress and anxiety are often an important signal for our health.

Essential oils can help support us during times of anxiety by calming the nervous system, improving physical symptoms of stress and provide comfort to the mind.

3. Help support and reduce the burden placed on our immune system.

All essential oils have antiseptic properties and many of them are effective at treating harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses. Some essential oils help to stimulate the immune system by increasing blood and lymph circulation or by supporting the different body systems.

4. Support the integrity of the skin.

Essential oils can help repair, rejuvenate and balance activities on the skin. No matter what skin type you have, there is an essential oil for you!

5. Our digestive system plays an important role in maintaining overall health.

Essential oils can help with symptoms such as nausea, intestinal spasming and poor digestion with anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic qualities.

How Essential Oils have supported our ECO. communities health

"ECO. has been a huge part of my long road to recovery. 150 days ago, my life was saved by an organ donor after 12 years of chronic illness. I have been in and out of hospital with my trusty rollerballs, and housebound with nothing but my oils to create my healing sanctuary."

- Jessica Chappell

"I have started my journey with essential oils, mindfulness, daily rituals, affirmations and meditation to get myself into a better headspace! A space where I can realise when I need to take the time to care for myself just as much as I care for others."

- Tyson Aleksic


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