We are welcoming the warm weather with open arms as we approach Summer and already, we are experiencing the pesky insects, such as mosquitoes, also joining us. If you are looking to create your own Natural Insect Repellent you can learn more about that here. Within this blog we are going to focus on what to use after you have experienced an insect bite.


This context and recipe can be taken on board for any small insect bite but to understand what happens in the body and topically on the skin we are going to focus on mosquito bites. When a mosquito lands on your skin and decides to have a taste by piercing your skin, it injects saliva into your skin and your body reacts to the salvia by creating a bump and itching. Essentials oils may help this reaction by minimising the inflammation and irritation on the skin.


Essential oils that may help insect bites


Peppermint essential oil has a cooling action, and in very low dilutions, can be useful for the treatment of sunburn, rashes and itchy skin.


Well-known for anti-inflammatory properties, Lavender essential oil may help relieve inflammation. It also has antimicrobial actions which may help prevent the pierced skin becoming infected.

Chamomile 3%

Chamomile is invaluable to those with sensitive skin as it is very calming and gentle. It is considered an anti-allergenic and could be used to reduce itching from bug bites.


Kunzea is thought to have some effectiveness as an insect repellent and can be applied undiluted to the skin to spot treat insect bites and relieve itching.

DIY Natural Insect Bite Recipes

Quick Fix Blend

• 1 drop Lavender essential oil


Apply 1 drop of Lavender to the bite to reduce swelling and itching.

Anti-inflammatory Blend

• 1 drop Peppermint pure essential oil

• 1 drop Kunzea pure essential oil

• 1 drop Chamomile 3% essential oil

Carrier oil

10ml rollerball


Add the above essential oils to a 10ml rollerball and fill with desired carrier oil. Apply to affected area.

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