Preparing for your next holiday or adventure overseas? With international borders re-opening and regular flights resuming, traveling doesn't seem like a distant dream anymore. Whether you are planning to travel to a holiday destination, a hiking or surfing trip in a remote location, or a cultural tour of one of the world's many fascinating countries, good preparation is essential.

Essential oils are a wonderful way to solve many common traveling issues at once, keeping your belongings to a minimum. Take Lavender oil for example, it can help ease sunburn, itchy bug bites, act as a antiseptic and help with sleep. Other essential oils such as Tea Tree oil and Peppermint oil also have a wide range of uses when it comes to traveling. If you are not wanting to take individual essential oils for traveling, you can make your own products to take with you.


Traveling with essential oils

Before packing, it is best to take into consideration the rules and regulations around items allowed in carry-on luggages. The new rule is that all liquids, gels or powders must be 100ml or less and carried all together in a sealed transparent plastic bag. You are allowed to carry bottles of any size in your checked baggage.

If traveling on the road, be sure to keep your essential oils away from direct sunlight and limit air exposure and heat.

Some essential oils are flammable and care must be taken at all times when traveling.

Best essential oils for traveling

Travel DIY Recipes

Jetlag Roll-On

Traveling does not come without jetlag and tension headaches. Apply this roll-on to the temples and the back of the neck to help manage fatigue from jetlag or long days of traveling.



Add essential oils to rollerball and fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. Allow the blend to settle.


Apply to the temples and the back of the neck to increase energy, ease tension headaches and clear congestion.

Insect Repellent

If you are going on an adventure trip to a remote location, chances are very likely you will encounter mosquitoes and flies. To protect yourself and your family, make your own natural insect repellent. Make sure you always wear appropriate clothing and use mosquito nets if needed.



Add essential oils to the spray bottle. Fill with equal parts witch hazel and distilled water. Shake well.


Spray to exposed skin or over clothes. Not to be used on face or broken skin.

Freshening Room Spray

It is very common for hotel rooms, island bungalows, cabins or hostel rooms to be musty and humid. A simple room spray can help freshen up rooms and linen while disinfecting the area.



Add essential oils to the bottle. Fill with half parts distilled water and witch hazel. Shake well.


Spritz liberally around rooms and on linen. Can also be used to clean surfaces.

On-the-go antiseptic

For cuts, grazes and wounds, make sure you carry a bottle of Lavender oil or Tea Tree oil with you. Both these essential oils can be applied neat the skin, making them perfect to use as on-the-go antiseptic when you need to disinfect your skin promptly.


Apply 1 drops of Lavender oil or Tea Tree oil neat to the skin to disinfect and clean wounds.

Instant Sleep Aid

Traveling can be filled with action and adventures but new environment often makes it difficult to sleep. A simple way to help promote sleep when you are on the road traveling between places or in a not so comfortable environment, you can add use Lavender oil to help promote sleep.


Add 1-2 drops of Lavender oil to your pillow or inhale straight from the bottle to help encourage sleep.

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