The holiday season is at our doorstep and we can already feel the festive energy filling the air. In recent years, Christmas seems to have lost some of its traditional meaning to the hands of consumerism and materialism. Although religious in origin, Christmas evolved in the 20th century to be a yearly celebration gathering family members from near and far, enjoying a feast and exchanging gifts.


We can easily fall for the idea of luxurious presents in abundance, using Christmas as a time to offer material items to our loved ones as opposed to our help, service and gratitude. Without taking away the value that material presents can bring to oneself, it is also increasingly important to consider the journey undertaken by the products we purchase. Every little action matters, and gifting a product that is sustainably or locally made, has minimal impact on the environment when produced or used, has a long-term value or usage capacity is a far better choice.


Wellness Gifts

One of the ways in which you can make better choices when it comes to gifting is by choosing wellness gifts. Wellness has gained a lot of awareness in recent years and for a good reason: we can only look after others and the planet if we look after ourselves. This includes not only our physical health but also our emotional and mental health. The global covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the need to prevent and care for our mental health as cases of mental health issues skyrocketed over the course of the pandemic and beyond. Science is also now discovering and proving the positive impacts that activities such as exercise, meditation, or spending time in nature have on human health.


One of the ways you can help support and promote wellness is through essential oils (of course, we are biased!). Essential oils are now commonly known and recognised for their wide range of therapeutic benefits including reducing stress, promoting sleep, promoting skin healing, soothing aching muscles, clearing congestion or increasing energy and concentration, to name a few. These are all activities that can highly benefit an individual’s physical, emotional and mental health. Something as simple as inhaling lavender from the bottle can help bring peace, calm and grounding to your nervous system in times of stress. Not only do essential oils help promote general health, they can also be used effectively in the making of cosmetics, cleaning products and other commonly used household items to replace the use of harsh chemicals. This in turn helps us better look after our environment including flora and fauna.


Essential Oil Gifts

Essential Oil Gift Set

Essential Oil Set

Where to from here, you ask? Well, we have created just the perfect Essential Oil Gift Guide to help you choose the most appropriate gift for yourself or your loved one. Whether you are looking for a specific price range, purpose or product category, our gift guide will help you filter through and find the perfect option. If you are in doubt, look at our bestsellers or specifically curated gift sets to help you in the right direction.

DIY Gifts

If you are feeling crafty and have decided on a minimalistic Christmas this year, why not try one of our DIY recipes? From perfume blend to linen spray to bath salts and body oil, you are sure to find something to treat your loved one. Making your own presents using essential oils can be a great way to save money, while developing new skills. Use this time to set intentions and be creative! Be sure to have a look at our raw ingredients collection as well as our Aromatherapy for Wellness book.

DIY Recipes

No matter how you choose your presents, we truly hope you have a beautiful, magical and inspiring Christmas this year!


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Author: Elisabeth Lemieux
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