Connection Cards

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Embrace connection on a deeper level.

In today's fast-paced world, amidst constant connectivity, we often overlook the meaningful conversations – the ones that clear the air, reignite fun, and bring us closer together, reminding us of the special bond we share. Enter our thought-provoking connection cards, meticulously crafted to cultivate intimacy and closeness. These purposely designed prompts lead to deep conversations that not only strengthen relationships but also enrich intimacy, nurturing a profound sense of connectedness. From discussions about love to sharing dreams and life experiences, each card ignites a journey of rediscovery. 

Real Talk: These cards are deceptively simple but, hold life-changing consequences.

Warning: Feelings may arise.

ECO. Tip: Compliment your Connection Cards with our Brain Emotions Collection, purposely designed to cultivate intimacy and closeness in alignment with our Connection Cards.

Includes: 75 cards (15 dedicated cards per emotion)


  • Cultivate Closeness: Rediscover the joy of meaningful interactions, nurturing a profound sense of togetherness.
  • Enhance Intimacy: Share personal thoughts and feelings, fostering a deeper connection with your partner and close friends.
  • Foster Growth: Embrace the transformative power of simple yet impactful conversations, leading to life-changing insights.

  • Learn more about Connection Cards.

    75 individual Connection Cards, with cues to creating more open and meaningful interactions.

    Connection Cards cover 5 topics in alignment with our Brain Emotions Range: Happiness - Alertness - Self-Esteem - Seduction - Mindfulness.

    These purposefully crafted cards have been created to invoke meaningful conversations that enhance bonds and cultivate closeness. Use these cards to foster deeper and more profound connections.

    Whether discussing love, sharing aspirations, or recounting life stories, each card initiates a voyage of self-discovery.

    How to use Connection Cards

    Elevate your Connections: Embrace your emotions and elevate your experiences by combining our thought provoking Connection Cards with our Brain Emotions Collection - a journey where aromatherapy meets the depths of the mind.

    REALLY get to know your loved ones: Alternate in choosing the card that resonates with you. Release your reservations as you communicate and bond with those around you, fostering stronger and more meaningful relationships. Open the door to a better understanding of the people you love.

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    Connection Cards

    $30.00 AUD

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    Your Connection Companion.

    Connection Cards

    Enhance the depth of connection at your upcoming family gathering or team meeting by leveraging the science-based benefits of therapy through our innovative Connection Cards!

    Alternate in choosing the card that resonates with you. Release your reservations as you communicate and bond with those around you, fostering stronger and more meaningful relationships.

    Connection Cards also make an ideal gift for employees, colleagues, friends and family.

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