Feel exhausted and overwhelmed daily
- never getting the deep sleep you need?

No matter how many hours, how hard you try, or the atmosphere of your room...
Something prevents that deep unbroken stress relieving rest?

Hi, Pauline here, an ECO. customer.  

I don't know if any of this sounds familiar to you, but I just have to come out and say it:


These last couple of years have been driving me just a little bit crazy…


I don’t know exactly when it started, but for the last decade I have had an underlying feeling of anxiety in the pit of my stomach. It’s there when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed.

Truth is, I always felt on edge and I just didn’t know the cause.

Even worse, why is it so hard to get a good night's sleep when I need it more than ever? 😅

Am I “preaching to the choir”? Are you feeling the same way?

If so, I have a feeling I am about to make your days a LOT easier to get through, and with any luck, the odds of actually smiling more often are going to go WAY up for you!

And no, it wasn’t some expensive prescription or over-the-counter pill (thank goodness, I HATE those things). It was something that has been helping people to combat anxiety and stress for thousands of years! 🙌


I’ve a loving and thoughtful husband (most of the time anyway) and two amazing kids that rarely bring trouble to my door. I have a lovely house, and even a job I enjoy and I genuinely feel that I’m one of the lucky ones, but, even though I feel things are all right with the world I just couldn’t shake that feeling.


Recently, it’s started affecting my sleep too. I had my daughter’s wedding coming up which made that uncomfortable sensation burn stronger than ever before. Which meant I spent most nights tossing and turning and when I do finally drop off, it’s not long before my sleep was broken and I woke up.


Finally, it all got too much. I reluctantly went to my doctor, but, honestly, the last thing I wanted was to be prescribed pills.

So I wanted to find a better, more natural alternative.

Then a few weeks ago I remembered my auntie Sandra, I remember she always used to preach about this brand called ECO. who sell natural essential oils, and whenever I used to visit, there was a calming aura about the place and always the nice smell of lavender drifting through the house.


She always seemed stress free, so maybe old auntie Sandra was onto something. So, I started doing a little digging. It was soon clear to me that lavender was known throughout the world as a natural relaxant and stress reducer.


And no, It wasn’t some expensive prescription or over-the-counter pill and something that has been helping people to combat anxiety and stress for thousands of years!

I was finally able to say goodbye to those problems with anxiety, and never getting a good night's sleep once I found

ECO. Modern Essentials - Lavender Oil,
A high quality, 100% Essential Oil. 🌿


And I just don’t know any other way to say it…

It changed my life in a pretty big way

- and with the way things are these days, it couldn't have come a second sooner. 🙌

I've learnt so much from ECO.'s Aromatherapy content.
Something I found interesting is that although there are more than 40 types of lavender, t
he one that is common and used for medicinal purposes is Lavandula angustifolia.

One region sweeping the world for its high quality lavender is where ECO.'s is lovingly grown. Primarily harvested in late summer from the celebrated northern hills of France, i'm confident your lavender oil will be the best possible quality!

For Relaxation: Lavender organically induces calmness and relaxation for the mind and spirit.

For Sleep: Lavender oil is a popular aromatherapy choice and may assist with sleep and relaxation. Lavender oil may improve sleep quality, and may also increase time spent in deep, slow-wave sleep.


For State of Mind: Lavender oil may assist with an improvement of moods and is known to be uplifting.


For Anxiety: Lavender oil may assist with an improvement of moods. It may help to quiet the brain and nervous system activity, reducing restlessness.

OK, let’s be honest with each other here…


With all the lovely benefits that lavender oil brings to the table, and with the strict quality control that ECO. puts each oil through, why would a sane person even THINK of saying no to benefits like that? 🌿 🙌

Well some might say no because it was ridiculously expensive…

But not if it's ECO., because the price is WAY lower than you would think.


See, they’re a bit crazy over there at ECO., they are obsessed with helping as many people as possible live a healthier more vibrant life, and they are willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to that belief…

Yeah, but can’t I just go buy some cheap lavender oil from a supermarket? 🤔

I suppose you could…
however what most people don't understand is that cheaper normally means cutting corners.

these bigger chains normally dilute product and don't have the stringent testing procedures in place necessary to deliver high grade100% Pure Essential oils.
ECO. has spent years building relationships with farmers. Sourcing and bottling only the highest quality product.

The other BIG reason ECO. gives you TOP quality oils for less than others?

Well, plain and simple, ECO. is NOT an MLM…
Anyone who knows a thing or two about this business structure knows that the only way to make it work, with all the different pay levels and such, is to raise the price of the product at hand..

Good for them, but it’s not the ECO style..

ECO. is mainly sold directly through this website.


They do this so they can manage a VERY limited supply, and make sure the folks who stand to get the most benefit from it are actually able to get their supply when they need it.

(I shudder to think what would happen if a Lavender oil THIS good, was widely available to the general public, it would be all gone in a hot second!)

So only here on this site. ✅

And how much is all this goodness going to cost me Pauline?

How to get the incredible
ECO. Lavender Oil - For a FULL 25% OFF? 🎉

With other oils selling for as much as $52.10 - YL!, 😅
it wouldn't surprise me if you thought ECO. would cost that sort of money.

But it doesn't…

See, ECO. believe in spreading the life affirming benefits of essential oils directly to those who need it most.

(Perhaps even yourself, I’m thinking)

It’s for that reason that you can get your bottle,
a full 10ml bottle of pure lavender essential oil for just $14.25.

And with a 100% Money Back Happiness Guarantee, the decision to say yes couldn't possibly be any easier…

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Oh, and before you go, I have one more cool thing to share with you 😊

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The adherence to 100% pure, and ethically sourced essential oils is just the beginning…

ECO. always goes the extra mile, hiring wellness experts to help out customers, listening to you closely to see what else there is to do, and most importantly, taking this journey right by your side.

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Lavender Pure Essential Oil (638667784247)

Lavender Essential Oil


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