Elisabeth Lemieux

Marketing Coordinator

Liz is the Marketing Coordinator at ECO. Modern Essentials and oversees the company’s brand and communication strategy. Liz has extensive experience in brand management, strategy development and digital marketing across a range of direct-to-consumer businesses in the health and wellness industry. She is a 200 RYT qualified Yoga instructor and has been practicing for nearly a decade. Liz is passionate about everything wellness and has a strong interest in holistic health.


After completing her Bachelor degree in Management at McGill University in Canada, Liz moved to Australia to pursue her passion for health & wellness and further her studies in yoga and meditation. She taught in a range of studios, wellness centres and physiotherapy clinics on the Gold Coast, perfecting her teaching skills and continually improving her knowledge of physical and mental health.


Liz had a strong desire to use her marketing skills in a way that could benefit people and the world. After working for a range of businesses in the health & wellness industry, she found ECO. Modern Essentials. Liz’s background and keen interest in health has allowed her to successfully drive ECO.’s marketing strategy, new product development and social & environmental initiatives.


Liz is a contributing author for The ECO. Book and The ECO. Book 2nd Edition.


Elisabeth Lemieux

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