5 steps for setting a morning routine

1. Upon waking up, do not pick up your phone. Take a moment to absorb what's happening around you, has the sun peaked through your blinds? What noises spark your interest? Or maybe your furry friend has come to welcome you to the start of your day.


2. Coffee is great, but water is better. Choose when to enjoy your coffee strategically like before a workout or when you arrive to work. When you wake up, energise your bodily systems with a glass of water, add a squeeze of lemon if you want to take it to the next level, or keep it simple.


3. Add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil from the Best-selling Blends Collection to your shower. A simple action for an invigorating outcome. No complicated ritual, keep the essential oil blend in your shower and pop a few drops in the corner for an energising morning wake up call.


4. Write down what you need to achieve in your day and what you want to achieve in your day. By getting everything out of your head and creating the satisfying to do list, you will already feel ready for the day. Prioritise what needs to be done and then what you would like to get done, that way, you can move forward into your day with a clear plan of action.


5. Choose an enjoyable morning exercise. It could be as simple as a beach walk, if you dread working out in the morning, or in general, keep it simple, get outside and move your body and brain for a productive day.


Is there a woman who hasn't woken up and dreaded her day ahead?

The whole purpose behind the Best-selling Blends Collection is with ease in mind. Choose your favourite essential oil blend for what you need and enjoy the aromatic benefits.


You should start your day on the right foot and by following a few simple steps your day could change for the better. That's why our ECO. community love the Best-selling Blends Collection, "I love using my oils, especially blends as they all are made up for me. One for each mood of the day. Always good in my diffuser on a bad day. Love them!" Skye E.

Chloe Chapman is an essential oil lover!

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"Here at ECO. we say the Best-selling Blends collection are six essential oil blends with endless possibilities"

The Best-selling Blends Collection comes as a ready-made kit for you to enjoy or gift to a loved one.

The Best-selling Blends Collection can be enjoyed by essential oil beginners or essential oil enthusiasts with six of our best-selling essential oil blends. Choose whatever you are needing more of throughout your day and allow the therapeutic benefits enhance your morning routines. The Best-selling Blends Collection can also be paired with our favourite diffusers and you can save when you buy in a diffuser bundle.

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