2021 Sustainability Report

ECO. Modern Essentials is committed to not only enhancing the health and well-being of its community, but also to ensure the preservation of the environment across its entire supply chain and operations. We are continually striving to improve what we do in all aspects of the business. We are proud of how far we have come and of the many initiatives we have developed and established to better our world.

Below is a summary of our impact until the end of financial year 2020/21.

Giving Back Giving Back

Giving Back

  • Since launching our Anxiety Blend we have donated $6,000+ to Beyond Blue.
  • As part of ECO. Give Back Program, we have donated over $7,000+ to Baby Give Back, RizeUp, Animal Welfare League and Share the Dignity.
  • In January 2020, ECO. donated $5,000 to RFS and WIRES to help support the Australian bushfire crisis.


Total amount


Total products
$20,000+ $20,000+

Operations & Supply Chain

  • Operations & Supply Chain Since establishing our new fulfillment software, we have saved over 120,000 sheets of paper from being printed.
  • Operations & Supply Chain We are planning to save over 350,000 cardboard boxes from being printed per year by phasing out all single product boxes in the future.
  • Operations & Supply Chain We saved over 35,000 postcards from being printed by removing postcards from online orders.

We saved over 80,000 cardboard boxes by releasing new essential oils and blends unboxed.

We saved over 60,000 plastic inserts from ending up in landfill by removing all plastic inserts from our essential oil trio boxes.

We saved countless soft plastic wrappings from ending up in landfill by removing all unnecessary packaging from shipments.

We saved over 20,000 plastic bottles by transitioning to glass bottles for all skincare & accessories.

Closing the loop Closing the loop

Closing the loop

  • Since 2019, we recycled over 100 kg of products through our Recycling Program with TerraCycle.


kg of products

Plant a Tree

We planted over

7,000 trees

in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity
Corridor in Australia

This is equivalent to more than
2 x MCG stadiums!

Carbon Emissions

  • Our organisational Greenhouse Gas Emissions have been estimated at 360t for the 2020 Calendar Year. We planted over 5,00 trees last year to become Carbon Negative!
Carbon Emissions


Net carbon
Supporting local manufacturing Supporting local manufacturing

Supporting local manufacturing

  • We are avoiding unnecessary carbon emissions from being released by switching the manufacturing of our shipment boxes from China to Australia.


  • We saved thousands coffee cups from ending up in landfill by using reusable cups


coffee cups saved
from ending up
in landfill

Source to Bottle

We have featured over 13 pure essential oils story as part of our Source to Bottle campaign.

We aim to be as transparent as possible with how we source our essential oils. Every month, we showcase the story behind the people and practices surrounding the cultivation, harvest and extraction of our essential oils.

How our <br>
packaging is made How our <br>
packaging is made

How our
packaging is made

Our colourful boxes are made from

  • 100% recyclable fibre made from Fully Sustainable Forest management practices ‘PEFC CERTIFIED’.

Our shipping boxes are made from:

  • 100% recycled paper outer layer
  • 30% recycled paper and 70% virgin fibre inner kraft
  • We use water based inks that contain no petroleum solvents.
  • The glue used in carton production is water based and completely biodegradable.

New supplier
of conduct

  • → We developed a Supplier Code of Conduct ensuring all of our suppliers adhere to our brand policies.
  • New supplier <br>
guidelines/code <br>
of conduct Limiting plastics in packaging and shipments
  • New supplier <br>
guidelines/code <br>
of conduct Engaging in fair employment
  • New supplier <br>
guidelines/code <br>
of conduct Environmental protection

Local co-branded collaborations

Looking after our health and wellness extends beyond essential oils. This is why we partnered with some of our favourite local brands to bring you some eco-friendly alternatives to commonly used products that we can use in everyday life.

We have teamed up with Honeybee Wrap to bring our very own Vegan Wax Wraps. You will no longer need plastic wrap! Great for covering bowls, containers or storing all types of foods.

We have teamed up with Retro Kitchen to bring you a fun addition to the kitchen. Not only are these machine washable but they are 100% biodegradable.

We have teamed up with Coconut Bowls for our beautiful ECO. Coconut Bowl. They are handcrafted by artisans, sanded until smooth and polished with coconut oil to bring out their natural beauty. The materials are eco-friendly, sourced sustainably and are ethically made.

Beach Clean
Up initiative

To celebrate CleanUp Australia Day, our team has gathered at our local Broadbeach beach to pick up litter left on the ground and do our part for the environment.

Our goals for 2021/22

Carbon neutral

Limited ink on branded boxes

Continuing to phase out cardboard boxes

Fully transitioned to glass bottles

Office composting

Palm Oil Free or RSPO certification