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October 03, 2018 2

Frankincense is one of our best-selling essential oils, so we wanted to share some of its amazing uses and benefits with you. Our Frankincense essential oil originates from deep within the heart of India, in the district of Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. Here, frankincense grows wild in abundance. The word frankincense is derived from the French ‘franc encens,’ meaning ‘high-quality incense’ and has long been treasured as a jewel often more valuable than gold.

Today, frankincense essential oil is still known as a very high quality and precious oil with many benefits for house, mind and body. With its spicy, woody, slightly balsamic scent, the benefits of frankincense include: 

  • Stress relief: frankincense helps soothe the mind and slow down breathing to promote a calm feeling, making it ideal for meditation. It helps to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure and can help to ease anxiety and depression.

  • Digestion: frankincense speeds up the secretion of digestive enzymes, which in turn assists the digestive system in detoxing and producing bowel movements, relieving nausea, flushing out excess water and reducing cramping and bloating.

  • Immune system: frankincense has effective antiseptic and disinfectant qualities as well as immune-enhancing abilities that can help to destroy dangerous bacteria and viruses. It can be used to prevent germs forming in the house, skin or mouth, and many people use frankincense oil to help prevent gingivitis, bad breath, cavities or toothaches from forming.

  • Assists with sleep:as frankincense lowers the body’s anxiety and stress levels, this natural leads to a more rested sleep. It’s calming, grounding scent also helps open breathing passages, allowing your body to reach its ideal temperature for sleeping.

  • Balances hormones: frankincense eases the symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause by helping to balance the body’s hormone levels. It can assist with relieving cramps and pain, headaches, anxiety, nausea and fatigue, as well as helping to regulate estrogen production.

  • Heals skin: frankincense strengthens and improves the skin tone, while also increasing skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of scars, acne and stretch marks and hydrates dry or cracked skin.

  • Respiratory issues:frankincense soothes coughs and can provide relief from congestion of the lungs. It also helps eliminate phlegm, and eases symptoms associated with colds and flu, such as headaches, body pain and toothaches.


To incorporate the healing benefits of frankincense essential oil into your routine, try adding 6-8 drops of the oil to your diffuser. You can also mix some of the oil with a carrier oil and use in massage, or sprinkle a few drops into the bottom of a running shower.

Wait no further and get your hand on our beautiful Frankincense essential oil!

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