During Autumn some plants drop their leaves in order to conserve energy and the last fruits of the season produce seeds to ensure new life in Spring. We, too, take time to prepare for dormant periods by dreaming about and nurturing the seeds of plans for the future. Autumn is a time for reflection on the year that has passed and examining elements in our life that may be lovingly let go. In times past, we prepared for winter by ensuring we had enough resources to survive, gathering the last harvest, preserving fruits and vegetables and repairing our homes.


One of the most common health complaints during Autumn are respiratory infections; colds and influenza making Autumn the perfect time to prepare and support the immune system. Eating a wholesome diet, drinking lots of water, sleeping and relaxing will reduce the amount of stress in our lives. Amazingly, when we are in a relaxed state, our bodies use the time to repair tissue damage, detoxify, digest and, most importantly, our immune system begins works optimally.

Best essential oils for Autumn

Some essential oils have properties that stimulate our immune system and others help reduce the burden on our immune system through their anti-bacterial, fungal or viral activity.

1. Frankincense Essential Oil

After a busy and hectic summer, Frankincense helps us to overcome nervous fatigue and silence a busy mind, encouraging us to reflect on the past and seek clear inspiration for the future. Ancient Egyptians used Frankincense for religious and purification rituals and throughout history we find examples of Frankincense being used in many different religious settings around the world.


Frankincense is our aromatic connection to the spiritual and the divine. The sweet, dry and resinous fragrance of Frankincense can deepen the breath, quieten our minds, aiding us in prayer and meditation.

2. Vetiver Essential Oil

Like leaves falling to the ground to enrich the soil, the smoky, earth like scent of Vetiver helps us to connect back to the earth and receive emotional healing and guidance. The grounding and nourishing essential oil of Vetiver is distilled from roots that are tenacious and difficult to dig up. Vetiver essential oil is an extremely relaxing oil that can be useful to treat insomnia and support us during times of lowered immunity or feeling run down due to over activity. Also useful for those who tend to be anxious or have lost touch with their emotional selves.

3. Black Pepper Essential Oil

The familiar sweet, dry and spicy fragrance of Black Pepper is both fortifying and comforting. In preparation for the colder months ahead Black Pepper creates a calm yet energetic space, so we can tie up loose ends and prepare to rest. This oil is also safe to use during pregnancy and along with Ginger and Lavender makes a lovely fragrant blend to ease aching backs and legs.

4. Cinnamon Essential Oil

With a cheering and warming aroma, Cinnamon reminds us of comfort food such as treats from the bakery and beautifully slow cooked stews - perfect as the weather cools during Autumn. One of the most powerful anti-bacterial essential oils, this oil adds an interesting and fragrant note while we clean

5. Melissa Essential Oil

Melissa essential oil comforts the heart and alleviates depressed spirits with a delicately sweet and lemony fragrance. Useful for those who are fatigued due to the overstimulating nature of our world to gently create boundaries from which rest and restoration can occur.

Essential oils for the immune system

Some essential oils have properties that stimulate our immune system and others help reduce the burden on our immune system through their anti-bacterial, fungal or viral activity.


  • Frankincense and Vetiver are immune stimulants.
  • Cinnamon, Tea Tree and Thyme are powerful antiseptic oils.
  • Black Pepper is warming and toning to muscles including those of the digestive and circulatory system.
  • Melissa may help as a spot treatment for cold sores.


As Autumn brings a new perspective for us to engage with, ask yourself some questions:


Is it time to shed something in my life such as beliefs, thoughts, grievances, an unhealthy relationship, job or self-limiting mindset?


What is my deepest and most treasured dream for the future? This question could be answered with loved ones too. How can we support each other to achieve our dreams?


Are there areas in my life that need repairing? This could include self-care, making an appointment to a health care provider, re prioritizing time to repair a relationship or simply an area of the house that needs fixing.

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Author: Alissa Geddes

Alissa is a fully qualified Aromatherapist with further qualifications in Remedial Massage & Myotherapy. She qualified as an Aromatherapist in 2005 and has worked in hospitals, day spas and in clinical practice. Alissa contributes her extensive knowledge to ECO. and helps with detailed education to our ECO. community. Alissa is passionate about assisting and teaching others how to restore and maintain their health and wellbeing.

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