More than a century ago, Bergamot, a citrus fruit growing almost exclusively in South Italy, represented a big part of the region's economy. Around 50 years ago, with increasing Bergamot quality substitutes at low prices, the cultivated area drastically decreased, so the impact in the economy also reduced drastically. In more recent years with the ever-growing industry that is Aromatherapy, the cultivated area’s economy increased as well as the people involved.

bergamot fruit


Bergamot grows in a small area of Calabria, Italy. Covering the foothill areas in front of the Ionian Sea, Bergamot trees are filled with a beautiful round yellow fruit, soon to be harvested. The trees flower during Spring, with small fruits starting May-June depending on the weather. Harvesting starts early-mid November finishing between late February-beginning of March depending on the abundance of the crop.


Bergamot essential oil goes through a scraping process using a special piece of peeling equipment called a Pelatrice. This peels the fruit which then is collected by water sprays to create an emulsion, after emulsion it goes to centrifuges which separate water and oil. The waste materials coming out of centrifuges are distilled under vacuum to obtain Bergamot essential oil.

distillation of bergamot essential oil
bergamot fruit

Community & Environment

The harvesting & distillation of Bergamot generates work for the local men and women living in the area enhancing the economy. No pesticides treatments are required during the growing process allowing for the fruit to flourish in its most natural form.

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The slightly sharp yet citrusy sweet scent of Bergamot essential oil soothes our upsets and allows us the space to let our troubles drift away.

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I purchased this but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I instantly loved it. Bergamot is great for when you need to lift your blend with some citrus notes but you don't want them to overpower your other oils. I reach for this one a lot more than I expected to"

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