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November 05, 2018 2

With the days getting longer and the temperature getting warmer, it really is starting to feel like summer. Diffusing essential oils during the warmer months is a great way to purify the air, refresh the senses and wind down on those hot summer nights. This season calls for a mix of citrus, floral and herbal aroma, renowned for their energising, light and soothing qualities. Summer is the perfect time to get creative and make your own diffuser blends inspired by nature, your mood and your needs. We’ve put together some of our favourite summer blends to get you inspired!

Make your own summer blends

Ocean Breeze

This essential oil blend will have you feeling like the ocean is right outside your window.

Morning Dew

With warm summer mornings comes the scent of morning dew. Bring this delightful scent indoors with this blend.

Tropical Touch

This tropical scent will have you dreaming of summer days sitting by the pool.

Mother Earth

Summer days calls for more time out in nature, but for the times when you feel like lazing at home, this scent will bring the outdoors to you.

Summer bonfire

Remember summer nights sat around a bonfire? Bring the scent into your home with this warming blend.

Mozzie free

While we love the summer, we don't love being eaten alive by mosquitos! This blend will keep mozzies at bay so you can enjoy longer days in the sunshine.

Tips to make your own summer blend

If you're feeling creative, you can also create your own blend. Simply pick and choose one of each category and experiment with your favourite aroma!

  • Citrus: Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Bergamot, lemon & Lime
  • Floral:  Lavender, Geranium, Rose & Jasmine
  • Herbal: Peppermint, Basil, ginger & Rosemary 

Our summer blend recommendation

You can find our best selling summer aromas in our Scents of Summer pack.

Scents of summer essential oils pack Summer diffuser blends

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