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Keep your hands and your home clean.

Bring freshness into your home with our range of all-natural sanitising products developed using 70% ethanol and the power of antibacterial essential oils. Made using Australian grown and sustainably sourced GMO free ethanol. From hand sanitiser to disinfecting spray or sanitising room spray, keep your home clean without nasties.

What is the benefit of using natural cleaning products?
Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients on the back of your household cleaning products? Most store bought cleaning products contain nasty chemicals that can be harmful to your health and the environment. Some essential oils that have antibacterial and antiseptic properties, making them the perfect ingredient for a clean home.

Are these sanitising sprays effective to prevent the spread of germs?
This range has been developed with 70% ethanol as recommended by the World Health Organisation. Our range is made using Australian grown GMO-free ethanol that is certified sustainable by the Roundtable of Sustainable of Biomaterials.