Treat your acne naturally, with our range of essential oils & skincare products.

Are you having hormonal breakouts or struggling with acneic skin conditions? Take a more natural approach with our range of acne oils and skincare. Not only can you use these essential oils to create your own skincare products, they will also assist in creating a calm atmosphere which can help lower stress levels which can reflect in your skin.

Tea Tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties, and we've combined it with Lavender to create our very own Pimple Clear Blend. The Pimple Clear Blend helps to heal and calm breakout areas to promote a clear and calm complexion. We also have a range of essential oils to help oily skin, including GeraniumFrankincense and Lemongrass.

Our Pimple Clear Essential Oil Blend and Lavender Essential Oil is great for a neat application. Apply one drop to the affected area. You can create your very own serum using your favourite essential oils suited for acneic skin types.