Life can be busy. Relax and unwind with our range of calming essential oils.

Essential oils are renowned for their relaxing and therapeutic qualities. When we consciously learn to manage our stress or take time for self-care, the benefits reflect on our entire well-being. Create your own daily rituals and wash away the stress of your day with your favourite calming essential oils or blends.

Choose your favourite calming essential oils and create a harmonious blend to diffuse at the end of your day. You can also mix your favourite blend with carrier oil and use as a perfume that you can inhale throughout the day. You can also reach for your woody essential oils to keep you grounded or try our Calm & Destress essential oil blend.

If you struggle with anxiety or feeling anxious, we have our ECO. Anxiety essential oil blend which has been developed to reduce nervous tension and relieve symptoms of mild anxiety. If you would like to try a few different essential oils we have a great Relax & Unwind trio or a Calm & Focus Trio perfect for kids.

It is well-known that Lavender essential oil is renowned for its calming & healing properties. Frankincense is also a great choice for its grounding properties. Woody essential oils are also commonly used for relaxation due to it helping us reconnect with the earth.