To say that having children affects your life forever would be an understatement. With children, you must entertain, clean, organise and did we mention, the laundry? Thankfully, it also brings a lot of love, laughter, and joyful experiences. At times, it may be challenging and time-consuming to manage your home, job, and parent life all at once. Ensuring that children always have a clean and sanitary environment to play, eat, and sleep in is imperative in our world today. We will discuss how parents can maintain a safe, clean, and conducive atmosphere for their toddler's bedding, as well as helpful ways children can fall asleep.

How many times should you change your child's bedding?

The general recommendation is to wash your children's bedding at least once every 7-10 days. Children don't perspire as much as adults do, however the accumulation of bacteria and dust mites on bedding and mattresses does occur. The time between washes also depends on the climate and temperature of where you reside; warmer temperatures cause further perspiration meaning sheets will dampen more quickly. Don't forget about the bedwetters either; as these accidents still happen to youngsters, clean bedding will be needed sooner. It is recommended that daycare sheets, including our Little Snoozy Heads sets, be washed more frequently every 3-7 days; due to the buildup of sweat, dirt, sand, food, and other fun bits brought into your child’s bed during childcare days! Washing instructions can easily be found on each tag on our sets.

Appropriate bedding for healthy toddlers.

First and foremost, it is crucial to have good quality material for children’s bedding; we highly recommend 100% cotton sheets. Not only are cotton sheets comfortable and cool but they are also naturally sustainable, durable, great for sensitive skin and are quick drying (bonus for those mid-week washes!). Little Snoozy Heads daycare sheet sets are constructed from 100% breathable hypoallergenic cotton. Additionally, we have utilized high-duty elastic on each corner which allows each set to fit snuggly over stacker-bed legs; keeping everything in its place and secure during naps. We put a lot of time and attention into our sets, ensuring comfort, quality, and durability were top priorities.

Impacts on toddlers sleep.

As every parent would know, a child that is short on sleep can have drastic mood swings from happy one minute, to raging meltdowns the next. Most toddlers between the ages of 2-3 require 12-13 hours of sleep every 24 hours. Poor sleep can lead to behavioral issues, lack of concentration, poor nutrition, and potential immune system disorders. Let’s take a further look at the most common factors affecting toddlers sleep patterns:

  • Growth spurts: often seen as frequent night waking, trouble falling asleep, or even sleeping for longer periods.
  • Night terrors: a difficult thing for parents to witness when their child is experiencing frightening nightmares; toddlers unfortunately have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what isn’t.
  • Sleep talking and walking: often attributed to lack of sleep, stress or anxiety, certain medications, illness or being in an unfamiliar sleep environment.

Top tips on getting toddlers to sleep.

Now, we aren’t claiming to be sleep experts ourselves, however we follow the below helpful tips and tricks to get our toddlers to bed each night:

  • No screen time 2 hours prior to bedtime: technology acts as a stimulant, we make an effort to turn off TV screens, iPads etc. prior to bedtime to allow the mind to rest.
  • Sleep environment: there is nothing more relaxing than using ECO. Little Lullaby Essential Oil Blend, we enjoy putting it on just before bath time to allow the room to feel tranquil and encourage sleep. We also use a white noise machine and have a darkened room.
  • Consistent bedtime routine: since the baby stage, we have always applied the 4 B’s into our bedtime- ‘bath, bottle (or boob), book and bed’. Our toddlers have also loved the addition of a 5th ‘B’ into their routine (ball!) ECO. Little Lullaby Essential Oil Rollerball, a natural and enjoyable way to help your little ones fall asleep and the kids absolutely love applying it on themselves.

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