Create the perfect natural alternative to balance your oily concerns

These essential oils are great to reach for when your skin is producing to much sebum (oil) on the skin and you need some assistance in balancing it out. Grapefruit essential oil is known for its benefits in helping oil flow or if you need to clear that congestion from oil you can use a drop of Pimple Clear directly on the pimple itself!

Can essential oils cause acne?

When using the correct essential oil and carrier oil you can find great benefits from the use of essential oils topically. Jojoba oil is a great choice as it is non comedogenic, meaning it doesn't clog pores. For example, Lavender essential oil or Chamomile essential oil can help with the inflammation that acne raises in the skin, this will help take the redness away from the area and leave your skin with a nice even complexion.

How to use essential oils on the face;

With care! Use at a low dilution, for example, 2 drops to 10ml carrier oil. See more about dilution here. You can also use Lavender essential oil neat on the skin as a spot treatment, simply apply one drop to the area of concern. If your essential oil is diluted in a carrier oil already, such as Chamomile 3% (German), you can also apply this directly to the skin as it is already appropriately diluted.

Can I mix essential oils with face cream?

Absolutely! Simply add one drop to your nighttime cream and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the skin. Not only will this help clear, brighten and nourish your skin, it will create a beautiful evening ritual for you to ease into sleep with.